Looking At The Different Types Of Vanities

by Meredith

We earlier discussed that vanity is a combination of a basin as well as the storage cabinets such as the shelves surrounding it. It can also be defined as a mixture of the bathroom, which essentially holds the sink while providing storage for the items stored within. Over and above, a bathroom vanity set comes with a mirror cabinet mounted at eye level.

Typically, bath vanities need to be durable to be in a position to withstand wear and tear. They also need to be capable of standing different products, including cosmetics, steam, as well as soap, such that no porous surfaces are allowed in the design of bathroom vanities. There are various types of bath vanities and their styles. In this article, we discuss the categories under which they fall.

Wall-mounted Vanities

Identified as the floating vanity wall-mounted vanities are known to be affixed products mounted directly on the wall. The style has been popular on the market because it gives the bathroom a modern, sleek look. The eye-catching pieces look lightweight, leaving a desirable gap between the lower as well as upper space. This makes it easier to clean. A wall-mounted vanity can also be the shelf-type or cabinet-type.

It could also be a combination of the two. When it comes to the shelf type, you may attach a single counter with some space for the sink purposes. You can also go with the option of attaching several counters below the storage cabinets. The wall-mounted cabinet types can be traditional storage units. But, it would be more complex to install. That is why you are highly encouraged to make it instead.

The Shelf Vanity

This is one of the basic types of bathroom vanities. The shelf is rather easy to install. It is relatively cheap too. You only need to acquire a sink coupled with an open shelf beneath it. Typically, the shelf of the vanity is mounted on the floor. Then the top is designed for a workstation and sink.

You will also realize that there is a particular space left for storage. On the other hand, the bottom is usually left as an open space to place your towels and other bathroom products. This vanity type is often mounted near a mirror.

Now that you are familiar with the significant bathroom vanity types, you also need to learn more about the basic height requirements of bathroom vanity. This should be discussed in the next paragraphs.  

The comfortable height of a bathroom vanity is approximately 38’’ tall if it were to match the exact height of a kitchen. The height of the sink, coupled with the countertop, is also heightened for a slightly ergonomically enhanced experience. This comfort height is now the new standard and not just with toilets but with the real vanities too. That is why new bath vanities are raised in order to promote a healthier posture.

Final Thoughts

Your style and preference determine your choice of bathroom vanity. When in the business of decorating a large bathroom, you need to be aware of the different types of vanities. In this blog post, we have shared the critical details.

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