Wi-Fi led dimmer switch: A smart solution

by Meredith

Do you want to save energy and the amount of light being used in your house? Would you be interested in having an automated and smart dimmer switch? Then you have to get your hands on Wi-Fi led dimmer switch. As its name suggests, it is a dimmer switch that enables you to control the lights of your room, living room, bedroom, etc. And hence you can also control the amount of electricity being consumed. It will also allow you to use the electric devices for longer period of time as they will be used efficiently and so, their lifespan will be increased. The product comes with multiple exceptional features which are:

Features of Wi-Fi led dimmer switch

The switch has an internal fuse installed to protect its components just in case if excessive current flows through it. For the user’s safety, the full network of wires is made with the help of its neutral and ground wire. You can also use them in hollow walls without a hum being generated as its technology is based on SCR. It is of white lively color which makes it extremely attractive. You can also operate them through an app wirelessly. The connection between your cellphone and the switch is made through the app using Wi-Fi signals. Just download the relevant app from “Tuya” and control your house’s lights or hotels using your mobile. Some of its other features include:

  • Has a unique and modern design.
  • Can operate at a wide range of voltage (110 volts-250 volts).
  • Has the timer function.
  • Can be operated through virtual smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa, google assistant, etc.
  • Simple installation

Overload protection

Are you worried that installing these switches may cause short circuit and damage your connected devices? Do you have the fear of burning your walls because of over current or high temperature? Well, chill and relax as the switch comes with four overload protections. Those protections are high temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection. These protections ensure that your devices which are getting electricity from the socket are totally protected and secured. The manufacturing material is fire retardant meaning that the dimmer switch will not catch fire.
Lamp types to use with the switch

The switch can be used with many kinds of lamps. Some of those lamps are

  • Incandescent lamp
  • LED lamp
  • Down Lamps
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Incandescent bulbs

Modernize yourself

Convert your monotonous and old school homes into smart homes by installing a Wi-Fi led dimmer switch. It is a masterpiece of the present days and will offer you to lead the trends of life. Turn your dull looking walls into attractive ones by installing these Incandescent modern switches. They also provide better lighting in the rooms creating a comfortable atmosphere to see things more clearly. Long are the days gone when you have to get up from your bed to switch off the room’s lights. Get this Wi-Fi switch now and see how it brings comfort and reduces those expensive monthly electricity bills.

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