All You Need to Know About Wall Stickers

by Meredith

When people think of wall stickers or wall walls, they think they are intricate pieces of hand paintings on the walls of homes. Although this is true in many cases, stickers muraux can also be printed. A printed wall is simply an image that is printed on an adhesive such that it can be installed on the walls of your room. The great thing about printed walls is the fact that you do not have to be an artist or need to call someone to have them installed on your wall.

Advantages of Wall Stickers

1. It saves space

Wall walls do not take any space in your home. They simply are there to decorate your walls and that’s all. They do not in any way take up space that is meant for furniture or people. Walls also do not affect any electrical outlets in your room. They simply beautify your walls.

2. Various design options

There is no limit to the designs available as wall walls. Any image can be printed to serve as your wall sticker. Walls can also be printed in any color of your choosing and they can be cut to any shape you want. There is no limit.

3. Easy to install

Even without the help of a professional, you can install these images on your walls. Better still, the installation process is so simple that it can be done in minutes. It’s that easy!

4. Easy to maintain

With these wall walls, after installation, you have nothing to worry about anymore. Unlike the furniture in your home, they do not need to be dusted or cleaned from time to time. They are easy to maintain just as they are easy to install.

How Long Do Wall Stickers Last?

This is a valid question since you are not going to be using permanent material for the walls. There are so many factors that can affect the lifespan of walls. However, walls generally stay glued for about five years before it begins to wear off. Walls with lower quality adhesive might last only about three years before they start wearing off.

However, certain environmental factors can cause wall stickers to wear off more easily. For example, if they are exposed to elements such as heat, smoke, cold, oils, sunlight, or moisture, they may wear off easily. The ideal environment for walls will be your home or office environment. However, if they are installed in outdoor spaces, dance clubs, or commercial kitchens, they might need to be changed often.

Where Can I Install My Wall Walls?

Wall stickers can be installed on a variety of surfaces. However, they are best installed on smooth or flat surfaces such as your doors, walls, or even windows. These walls can also adhere to rougher surfaces but they generally do not last long on such surfaces. If you must install your wall at a particularly rough spot, it is advised to do some plastering over the rough surface before installing the wall over the wall. This way, you can guarantee the longevity of the wall sticker.

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