Six Facts about Nano Kitchen Sink That You Should Know

by Meredith
Nano Kitchen Sink

Are you in the market to search for a new kitchen sink? There’s a lot of options that you can take when it comes to choosing a replacement for your new sink installation. You can go for a drop-in style kitchen sink installation for a traditional look, or go for an undermount kitchen sink installation to get a sleeker and modern aesthetics. However, if you’re looking for something new, taking a look at the Nano Kitchen Sink is worth your while. 

What is a nano kitchen sink? 

Simply put, a Nano kitchen sink is a sink that uses nanotech to get the benefits it has against other types of kitchen sinks. Manufacturers use 304 stainless steel as a lightweight and robust base. Later on, additional layers will be added to improve the performance and functions of the steel. With the use of this technology, nano kitchen sink users have more benefits to enjoy.

Six important things to know about nano kitchen sink

1. The nano kitchen sink is made with high-end technology

Coatings added in a nano kitchen sink are hydrophilic coatings, which means that these materials repel water. These coatings are made with small particles, which are often based on ceramic compounds. Although thin and transparent, there are at least four coatings present in every nano kitchen sink: anti-bacterial layer, anti-corrosion layer, anti-rust layer, and oil-free high-temperature protection. 

2. This high-end tech forms an anti-bacterial coating

The anti-bacterial coating is made with ultra-small particles. This prevents any bacteria from staying on the surface of the sink, making it a more sanitary option. With the sink’s anti-bacterial properties and proper kitchen hygiene, food contamination will unlikely happen.

3. More resistant to scratches and other elements

Nano kitchen sinks will still look brand new even after years of usage. The smooth coating is more resistant to scratches compared to other sink materials present in the market right now. Because these sinks were built to be highly durable, you don’t have to worry about getting it replaced for at least a couple of years. 

4. Waterproof, easier to clean

Since one of the coating layers make the surface waterproof and oil-proof, nano kitchen sinks are arguably the easiest sinks to clean. Nano kitchen sinks are stain-resistant, just a damp cloth is enough to make these sinks shining again. No cleaning agents are required to disinfect the surface because of its anti-bacterial properties.

5. Easier and more affordable to maintain

You don’t have to clean the sinks regularly compared to other products in the market. Having a nano kitchen sink can reduce your cleaning expenses and reduce your cleaning time. It’s a viable option if you’re considering one for your workstation kitchen. 

6. Nano kitchen sinks are getting more affordable

And last but not least, nano kitchen sinks are getting more and more affordable. Manufacturers are getting more and more efficient in mass-producing these products, albeit its nanotechnology. Although a nano kitchen sink set usually consists of two bowls, there are single bowl kitchen sink offerings that make it cheaper and space-efficient. 

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