How to Clean Your Shower with a Pressure Washer

by Meredith

Sometimes your bathroom can become so dirty, you don’t feel comfortable tom go into your bathroom. No need to postpone cleaning anymore, the quick solution is here. It’s called the pressure washer.

For many with such bathroom problems, they have grown to hate taking a shower. The pressure washer is capable of bringing your joyfully melodious bath evening back.

With such a problem, a pressure washer should be top of your list. Buy one and deal with the bathroom problem. After buying the pressure washer, you need to know how to use it for this purpose.

It is not as difficult as you are imagining. Take a good look at the pressure washer you bought. That’s the miracle right there.

Now put your work boots on.

Prepare Your Workspace

Some people have bathrooms with moisture intolerant floors, you should try as much as possible to reduce the use of the pressure wash to its least setting.

You can choose to use plastic sheeting to limit or avoid overspray. The purpose of the plastic sheeting is to keep the place dry.

What Do You Need?

  • A sponge
  • A mop or rag
  • A garden hose
  • A pressure washer

Warning: it is unsafe to run a gas-powered pressure washer indoor. Since gas engines emit carbon monoxide gas, it must be used in a well-ventilated area at all times.

The Procedure

You are encouraged to set up your pressure washer outside. Connect the hose to the washer, then connect it to a CGFI outlet.

Adjust the pressure to a level that is not too high, then spay. Now adjust the pressure washers fan tip. You should not use the pinpoint tip. Using it will damage your grout.

Make sure to set the pressure to a low setting before using it.

Work Time

Spry with your nozzle in horizontal runs. Move slowly in steps and after you finish a few inches, continue to another with a few steps.

While cleaning, avoid caulk joints. The caulk joints are where the shower floor or tub meets the floor. This place does not have grout but caulk. You don’t want to flush a few inches off.

Clean any debris off the tub and with your rags. You should have more than one rag though. They may come in handy when you need to dry the floor.

Then you should come back and flush any debris on the floor with the pressure washer. This is to leave the place sparkling like new.


It is always beautiful to clean a place and come back to see how well you did the job. Now you can enjoy a healthy shower free of inconvenience and discomfort.

Keep in mind that even though the use of the pressure washer is effective and quick, daily and usual scrubbing should not be replaced.

Regularly doing the usual hand scrubs will allow your bowls to last their intended service time and stay shinny if properly maintained.

The wash with a pressure washer is not supposed to be a regular thing. It should be limited and not frequent.

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