What to Consider When Buying a Bathtub

by Meredith

So, you are checking the market out for a new bathroom bathtub. Before you hit the physical stores and browse through online shops, you have to do some planning first. There are numerous factors that you should consider before making your choice on what bathtub to buy. Here is a list of things that you should consider when buying a bathtub.

  • What size do you want?

Bathtubs come in different sizes to accommodate small and large bathrooms. The size of your bathtub must be based on the space that you have available. If you feel that your old bathtub was too small, you may want to consider getting an upsize. If you think that your bathtub took too much space in your bathroom, then you can downsize to a more compact bathtub. The standard bathtubs usually are about 32 inches wide and 60 inches long.

  • What shape do you want?

Comfort is your number one standard when it comes to determining the right bathtub shape. You have to choose a shape with a slope that fits your needs. More modern styles usually have round and oval shapes. The traditional bathtub shapes are rectangular. Before you choose a different bathtub style from the one that you already have, consider if the installation will need plumbing changes which will be an additional cost on your part.

  • Can your floor handle your bathtub?

You should not only consider how your bathtub looks but also how much your bathtub weighs. If you are getting a heavier bathtub, you might need new structural supports so your bathroom floor can handle it. Has your bathroom inspected first if you are not so sure about how much weight your floor can handle? A professional inspection can also help you measure out the ideal bathtub size for your bathroom as well.

  • How high and deep should your tub be?

One of the things you should consider is the height of the tub relative to the floor. You can save space with an inset tub and it is very easy to step in to. However, if you want bathtub surrounds too, an elevated bathtub is still the best choice. Just make sure that you have enough structural support when it comes to installing your bathtub, especially if your new tub is bigger, heavier, and more elaborate.

  • What is your bathtub made of?

What do you want your bathtub to be made of? There are a number of materials available in the market. Choosing your material beforehand will help you know how much you need for your bathtub. The common bathtubs are usually made out of fiberglass or acrylic. They are also the most lightweight. Sturdier and heavier materials involve stone, concrete, and other metals.

  • How does your bathtub look?

The material of your bathtub’s inner surface does not necessarily have to be the same as is finishing. Think about how you want the outside of your bathtub to look like. You can place tiles around the front of your tiles or place your tub in a wooden frame enclosure. Just remember to use a sealant so that your finishing will not absorb the water. This will help it last longer.

  • Does your faucets and fixtures match?

Getting a new bathtub also gives you a chance to get new faucets, drains, knobs, and other fixtures. Choose fixtures that will complement your new tub. Lately, brushed metal fixtures are very popular because it can cleverly disguise water stains.

  • Do you need to move your pipes and drain?

Pipe and drain placement is a very important thing that most homeowners overlook when choosing a new bathtub. IT helps to get a bathtub that fits the old pipe and drain setup that you have. Otherwise, you will have to move them around which is a more expensive process (plus it may not even be possible, depending on your bathroom space).

  • How do you soak?

Of course, the main advantage of getting a bathtub is to do luxurious soaks. Soaking can take a while and it has its rituals. You will need space for your bath salts, oils, soaps, candles, and if you want music, your speakers. You also would want everything you need to be in reach so that you do not have to get up from the tub from time to time when you need something. You have to consider if you want a bathtub that gives you space for all these or do you prefer to just add tile shelves on the wall.

  • Safety

Hundreds of people slip and fall on their bathtubs every year. This can lead to serious injuries. You can avoid this from happening to you by making sure that your bathtub is accessible and safe. Get bathtubs that have handrails that you can grip on. You can also get a bathtub with a non-slick bottom feature so that you can avoid slips while getting in the tub or walking on it.

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